Friends of Allonby Liverpool International


The Albert Dock in Liverpool  is host to many wonderful things, from music festivals to boat races, but I have to say that if they were all put in order of how great they are, the FoA Canoe Polo International has to be right up there with the best of them.

Competing teams from all over the UK descend upon Liverpool’s favourite dock for the Friends of Allonby’s 27th Liverpool International and battle it out for 1st Place. The tournament itself was made up of an eclectic bunch of all ages from a range of Universities, schools and colleges and it was really impressive to see how the true nature of team spirit shone through, no matter what.

The atmosphere was alive with warmth and good will, and even though many were strangers to each other, it never felt like that was the case. Which is testament to all involved as much as the sport itself. It was clear that respect was valued highly and this was reflected on each and every pitch, with each player, referee, coach and of course, the fans themselves.

It was a real pleasure to photograph and get to meet some incredibly talented people. I couldn’t help but feel  pride as I went from pitch to pitch, carrying 20k of gear on my back and I hope to be able to photograph the next tournament.

If you’re wanting to know the results of the tournament, you’ll find them here.

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